Chandra Krishnan is Now Published!
Chandra Krishnan, a science teacher at Cleveland School of Science and Medicine, has been published in the Journal of Clinical Neurology & Neurosurgery. read more...

The Cleveland School of Science and Medicine Story

The Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (CSSM) is an unprecedented partnership between the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and nine Cleveland institutions formed to create the nationís best school of science and medicine and prepare students to be our next generation of leaders. CSSM, in collaboration with its partner institutions, offers a unique college-preparatory education for motivated, high-achieving students interested in entering science or health-related professions. The Board of Trustees, along with the principal and faculty, are dedicated to utilizing the regionís unique resources to position scholars for success in life. CSSM is a CMSD school of choice. The goal of the CMSD is to be a premier school district in the USA.

Curriculum and Special Programs:

CSSM offers a rigorous flow of coursework throughout each studentís four years. Students, in uniform, begin each school day at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 3:18 p.m. to accommodate extended block scheduling. Students take two science courses in each of their first two years, completing all of the state science requirements in that time period. In their third and fourth years, students take higher level advanced placement courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, or engage in postsecondary educational opportunities. Throughout a studentís time at CSSM, opportunities for supplemental learning outside of the classroom are provided. Such activities include viewing live surgeries at world-renowned medical institutions, tours of medical and science museums in the area, and semester-long research projects with Case Western Reserve University medical students

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